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plasma cut 100 amp

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IGBT LGK-100 Inverter Plasma Cut.
3 -Phase and Pilot ARC.

Industrial quality machine.

This quality plasma cutter with advanced inverter technology. has high eficiency is economical and practical.

* High cutting speed and low cost.
* Cutting speed is several times faster than mosfet style cutting machines, able to cut above 30mm plate.
* Huge strong cutting penetration, narrow and smooth, no need to reprocess work.
* No touch arc starting unit, able to be used with automated cutting equipment.
* Stable output and long working life, able to be used all day long.

Our inverter welders use TOSHIBA Inverters from Japan.


If you are looking for a quality cutter then this is the cutter for you,

Input power 3-Phase AC380 V
Rated Input power capacity (KVA) 17
No Load Voltage (V) 270
Output current adjustment range (A) 20-100
Rated output (V) 130
Rated duty cycle (%) 60
Efficiency (%) 85
Power factor (COS) 0.93
Arc-Staring No Contact
Max cutting thikness (MM) 35
Weight (KG) 38
Measurement (MM) 565 x 283 x 495
Insulation class F
Protection class IP23

IGBT Plasma Cutters are built for more commercial and heavy duty applications. The use of this technology allows Longevity to provide welding equipment that is designed for professional and industrial job requirements. This technology is very effective where there is a high requirement of switching amplification. The IGBT Welders have technology that is designed to rapidly switch the device on and off, and this allows the machine to synthesize complex wave forms with both, pulse with modulations and low pass filters.The IGBT is a power semi conductor device with three terminals well known for its high efficiency and fast switching.

Accessory list

* Cutting torch with spare tips and shields.
* Earth clamp with 3mt cable fast coupling device.
* 3 meters of gas hose and clips.
* Air regulator

Retail Price $2,995.00

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE QUALITY ASSURED we have well over Thirty years experience in the welding industry.
We have found these welders to be very robust.