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fully solar helmet autodarkening

Fully Solar Autodarkening Helmet


* Improve your welding quality and efficiency
* Full range UV/IR protection
* Solar powered
* Auto power switch off
* Viewing window 40 x 90mm
* Responce time less than 1ms at room temperature
* Ultraviolet protection 0.0001%(210-365nm)
* Infared protection 0.01%(780-2000nm)
* Shade range DIN4/9-13 (Outside stepless adjustable)
* Helmet Material: Polyamide(Nylon)/High-impact resistant plastic
* Operating temperature 5°C ~ +55°C (14° F ~ 158° F)
* Standards ANSI,CSA,CE,ECS

Retail Price $169

Awesome price for a quality helmet, why pay more.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE QUALITY ASSURED we have well over Thirty years experience in the welding industry.
We have found these Helmets to be very robust.